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Protect Your Home with Quality Inspection Services


"Because you usually don't meet an inspector until after you've hired them, the home inspection process can feel like you're taking a leap of faith.  Frankly, it can feel overwhelming finding the right home inspector.  There's such variation among inspectors: qualifications, experience, equipment, reporting methods, pricing, etc. One thing that's for certain is that a home inspection is a vital step to protecting your family.  Nothing is more important to me.  My dedication to your family's safety will be reflected through the thoroughness and quality of my work.  Let me be a part of your family's next step, and rest assured you'll feel your investment is protected." 

- Angel Medina

Owner, Angel Home Inspections, PLLC

Angel Medina is the owner of Angel Home Inspections: a locally owned, bilingual home inspection business.  His interest in home construction started early in life when, as a teenager, he would work for his dad's plumbing business.  Throughout his adult life, he continued to learn the ins and outs of home construction (plumbing, mechanical, electrical etc).  What started as a means to help protect his family members in purchasing homes and investment properties quickly became a passion.  He's grateful that he gets to spend his time helping buyers, investors and homeowners truly understand their properties.

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